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Related article: slain by any other two packs of fox- hounds in Ireland. This does not, of course, necessarily mean that sport is superlatively good, but it surely points to the excellence of the pack. The Meath hounds can mop up their foxes if they stay above ground be they good or bad, but it may be that they had not so many good ones as usual in front of them in the season that is just past. The Meath day by invitation into LrOuth territory was a great IQOI.] •*OUR VAN. »» 385 success, a good thirty-five minutes in the morning being followed by the death of a Louth fox within the Meath borders after a capital fifty- five minutes. Waterford. — Unqualified suc- cess has marked the first season of the Waterford hounds, their sport has been good on the whole and was brilliant during one part of the season, the hounds have been well supported and the coun- try folk have welcomed them warmly. Mr. Malcolmson is very keen and means to try to breed his own hounds largely, and the present judiciously purchased pack will be vastly improved next season ; few packs in Ireland have such a splendid choice of wood- lands for cubhunting; the exercis- ing yard of the kennel almost opens upon strong coverts and the vast woods of Curraghmore, alive with foxes, lie just over the hill behind the buildings and it is needless to say that the Marquis of Waterford places them at the disposal of the pack. To this most excellent young sportsman much of the credit of the hunting revival is due, and it was a real pleasure to see him win the Welter race from a formidable opposition at the recent point-to-point meeting held by the Waterford Hunt ; but on his crack hunter The Drake he fairly played with his field and won almost a runaway race. Polo Ponies at Dublin were a great feature at the Spring Show of the Royal Dublin Society and it was a relief to turn from the heavy beeves and watch the sprightly work with stick and ball in the jumping enclosure. Lord Harrington and Mr. Buck master judged and gave us pretty displays of the handling of a pony before they made their minds up. To Mr. Roark, Mr. Anderson and Mr. Grogan,of theCo. Carlow Polo Club, and to Mr. Jameson, of the Freebooters' Club, belong most of the honours of the show, which was a remarkably good one and very strong numerically : there being 37 entries in the Class for Made Polo Ponies and no less than 57 in the Unmade Class. The Spring Field Trials.— An earlier start than usual was made this year with the spring trials of sporting dogs, the International Gun Dog League, of which the Duke of Portland is president by the way, opening the season on the estate of Lord de Saumarez, near Ipswich, on Easter Tuesday, the day before the Kennel Club meeting commenced. Consider- ing the lateness of the season, the consequent wildness of the birds and light cover, capital work was done, although one would like to have seen a much bigger entry than eight in the competi- tion for braces of pointers and setters, the only event on the card. The earlier dogs down were disappointing, very few seeming to be handled with a view to working together, and it was not until Mr. W. Ark- wright's brace. Sandbank and Shamrock, were put down that we were given an illustration of how sporting dogs worked in couples should support one an- other. They quartered their ground perfectly ; aided each other in game finding, and were Buy Cheap Suhagra singularly well matched as re- gards speed. In addition, both were perfectly steady to wing and shot. On the first round even no one looked further for the winners and, in the end they were awarded the first prize, £2^ and the ** Pure Type '* trophy, a handsome chal- lenge cup of the value of ;f 130, held previously by Sir Watkin Williams Wynn and Mr. B. J. Warwick. Mr. Butter's grand- looking brace, Faskally Bragg 386 BAILY S MAGAZINE. [Hav and Syke of Brom field, were a fair second, they not being so evenly matched as the winners in pace and game- finding. It was quite a pleasant meeting, and was over in capital time. The Kennel Club trials, the oldest of the series, followed those of the younger combination, the meeting being notable for the victory of a Gordon setter in the Derby, quite the n)ost important event of its kind on the calendar. As a matter of fact, no Gordon setter has previously won the event, and in bringing out Stylish Ranger, Isaac Sharpe, the North- umbrian keeper who a month or two ago won the pigeon-shooting championship at Hendon, cer- tainly gave the breed a high lift. In movement he was not, of course, so graceful as the English setters or pointers pitted against him ; but in game-finding he wanted all the beating the best could give him, his style being an eye-opener to many present. An- other remarkable feature of his work was his absolute disregard of hares, either sitting or running. On one occasion, indeed, he de- liberately turned his back on a hare which got up a few yards in front. The appearance of this wonderfully good puppy was cer- tainly a feature of the meeting, for, on the second day, when the important all-aged event and the brace competition were down for decision, rain came down so in- cessantly that in neither stake could the running be termed at all reliable. On most of the ground visited game had gone in shelter, consequently false pointing was Order Suhagra Online quite a feature of the day's work. The New Crioket Season. — Almost as soon as these lines appear English cricket of the twentieth century will be in full swing. Such is the enormoas